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Current and power supplied

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>Find the current through 25V cell & power supplied by
20V cell in the figure shown.

I know how to solve this question by writting KVL equation for every loop ,then solve these equation. But doing it , it is getting to long . I want to know if there is another method to solve this .

asked Dec 26, 2016 in Physics Problems by koolman (4,286 points)

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The voltage across each vertical section (ie between the horizontal lines) must be 25V. From this you can work out the current through each resistor (+ for down, - for up).

eg The voltage across the 10$\Omega$ resistor must be 30V (because 30-5=25) so the current is +3A (down).

Then add all the currents to get the current through the 25V cell. Power supplied is voltage of cell x current through it.

answered Dec 26, 2016 by sammy gerbil (28,746 points)
selected Dec 26, 2016 by koolman